What we do

We have a vision of Saxony in 2030 and see ourselves as companions, reminders and designers. The regular evenings of presentations are at the core of the association. We invite visionaries from all spheres of society: business, politics, culture and science. Presentations and lectures address the question, which ideas, models and innovations can make Saxony competitive beyond today and tomorrow and create a sustainable future. Our members and guests get exclusive access to new concepts and projections that go beyond common knowledge. Our motivation: a desire for the future.

There are other formats with similar profiles but one decisive factor that sets us apart: There is no evening event that does not present a young cultural talent. International and local artists do not only give us a sample of their work but also discuss what motivates and moves them. Through this unique dialogue, both sides gain valuable insights and experiences up close. Performances include artists from all spectra: from classical music over drama and musical to breakdance.

When culture and business meet, the following roles are almost always assumed: businesses are supposed to sponsor culture and in return culture improves living conditions so that businesses can attract qualified people. FORUM TIBERIUS challenges this view and instead promotes mutual learning and understanding. We see culture as a provider of ideas and sparring partner of the economy, whose success depends on the ability to innovate. Innovation requires creativity - outside of the specific field of expertise. And who would know better about that than creative artists?

In addition to evening presentations, we offer a range of excursions. Our desire is always to take our members behind the scenes and show them what they otherwise would not be able to see. Another part of our events are panel discussions on cultural topics of the future, which focus on the outside perspective so as to enter new arguments into the discourse. For both event formats, we are looking for interesting partners in order to allow our members to expand their network.

Saxony looks back to a great tradition as a global-minded state, but it is something we have to actively promote today. FORUM TIBERIUS makes it its task to promote the engagement of various people from the many spheres of society and nurture the topics, values and talents that shape our future. We do so by creating a pleasurable atmosphere and as every event proves: entertainment and enjoyment are important sources of inspiration.