Where we come from

The association FORUM TIBERIUS - International Forum for Culture and Business (registered association) was founded in 2003 in Dresden. Among the decisive initiators were then Minister for Economic Affairs and Employment of Saxony, Karl Josef „Kajo" Schommer (1940 - 2007) and management consultant Dr. Jürgen B. Mülder. Inspired by the possibility of civic involvement at the interface between culture and business, people from all spheres of society came together to bring the idea to life. The name of the association goes back to Villa TIBERIUS in Dresden’s district of Loschwitz, which was where events took place throughout the first years.

In addition to numerous top-class speakers who followed the association’s invitation, other cultural events such as competitions for young musical talent were held. Examples for international competitions are the „Competizione dell'Opera" for young singers and „Anton G. Rubinstein" for piano players from all over the world. Many of the winners have since become known and successful artists. Today’s event location near Dresden’s Frauenkirche has appreciatively been named „Kajo-Schommer-Lounge".